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Contained in this church are some precious people. Each person is an individual, created uniquely in the image of God and together we make up God’s family, the body of the church. A common purpose unites us. We are called to be His people by living, working, and worshiping in His will. Out of our diversity, God has brought a unity of love in service to Him.

The vision of New Testament Baptist Church is doing God’s work through the many ministries of our church. These ministries have allowed us to witness in our homes, communities, and church. We are led by God to center our ministries on the Great Commission: Jesus said,“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit; Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” Matthew 28:19-20

Our motto is “A Church With A Vision”. It is essential that we understand that we can do nothing without Jesus Christ at the center of our lives. Also, we know that “We can do all things through Christ which strengthens us.”Philippians 4:13

If it is God’s will, we will be constructing a new church in the future. However, for the present time our focus is discipleship training which is essential to personal and spiritual growth. The training can be accomplished through attending Sunday School, Bible Study, and special course studies, all offered to our church family and the community through our Christian Education Training ministry.

We continue to pray for God’s favor and blessing upon the New Testament Baptist Church family and the entire community.



The Audio-Video Ministry provides A/V support for the needs of the church. This includes sound system management and duplication of materials such as CDs, audio an DVDs of services for sale and/or distribution at member requests. Each Sunday the Audio-Video Ministry should make itself available to take orders/requests for DVDs of services. Forms are available for ordering of materials with most requests being returned to the requester within one (1) week.

BBB Ministry

The BBB Ministry strives to provides an understanding of the extent of domestic violence in our community. They desire to bring awareness to the enormous impact domestic violence has on our families, to support those afflicted by domestic violence and to halt the generational cycle by offering education, protection, confidentiality and the assurance of God’s love. With this in mind, the ultimate goal is further build the Kingdom of God by restoring broken lives that can be further used to advance the Kingdom. They provide educational workshops and training throughout the year and provide information on community resources on this issue.

 Budget Committee

The Budget Committee is responsible for support of the financial activities of the church. This team works directly with the Finance Department on a weekly basis in overseeing the disbursement of funds as stipulated by the budget. Each auxiliary, department or ministry is required to submit a budget to the Budget Committee for review and consideration.

Children’s Church

Children’s Church is a vital area of ministry. We know that the children are our greatest conversion points in ministry. New Testament offers Children’s Church each Sunday (with the exception of 4th Sunday) at 10:00 A.M. service. Bible lessons and activities are provided for children ages 5 – 10.

 Christian Education

Christian Education and Church (Discipleship) Training work hand-in-hand to develop and oversee the education and training modules of the church. Christian Education and Church Training are responsible for establishing the curriculum for use in the education and training coursework. They are also are responsible for ordering materials and ensuring class ends for supplies are met.

Church Clerk and Assistant Church Clerk

The Church Clerk and Assistant Church Clerk are the record keepers of the church. They are responsible for maintaining vital church information such as leadership and membership meeting minutes, preparation of resolutions and the organizing and preparation of denominational reports.

Dance Ministry

The Dance Ministry is a praise group who minister to the body of Christ through expressive praise dancing.

Deacon Ministry

The Deacon Ministry is established to support the efforts of the Senior Pastor by meeting the family needs of the congregation. Deacons are to serve the members of the congregation by regular contact and support of their individually assigned members. In addition, they support the ministry efforts of the Pastor under his care and supervision.

 Deaconess Ministry

The Deaconess Ministry furthers the work of the Deacon Ministry by providing care and support to the families of the church body as well. The Deaconesses who are married to Deacons of the church should support their husbands in caring for his assigned families. Assignment of families to non-married women who desire to serve as Deaconesses will be considered.

Drama Ministry

The Drama Ministry is flourishing as it seeks to provide illustrated topics relative to Biblical portrayal. This ministry put on plays specifically during the Easter and Christmas seasons; however, future use of this ministry is to perform illustrated sermons and dramatic presentations is being further considered due to increased interest and support.

 Finance Department

The office of the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and the Financial Security (vacant). They are responsible for financial operations of the church, including administering financial program with the aid of the Budget Committee and the Trustees.

Hospitality Committee

The Host/Hostess Committee (Greeters) ensure members and visitors of the church are greeted each Sunday morning prior to worship. They are designed to provide visitors with a contact for assistance on Sunday mornings as well as generate a sense of warmth and cheer as people are ushered in to worship. The Hosts/Hostesses also provide small packages to visitors that include a welcome letter from the Pastor, a tract on developing a relationship with the Lord, thoughts of encouragement, a writing utensil and a visitor card for completion.

 Human Resources

Human Resources oversees the payroll system for all employees and the administration of the human resource program of the church in compliance with all Federal, State and Local laws. Additionally, HR is responsible for regular review and revision of the Employee Handbook.

Culinary Committee

The Kitchen (Culinary) Committee and Wednesday Night Kitchen teams provide culinary services in support of the work of the ministry. The Kitchen Committee works to serve members in various times including service during Church Anniversaries, special occasions/services or even bereavements. The Wednesday Night Kitchen Team works to serve dinner to members and visitors attending bible study each Wednesday evening.

Ministerial Staff

The Ministerial Staff is established to provide support to the Pastor and the ministries of the church. Each minister is generally assigned to a particular area of ministry such as the children or youth, education or the sick and shut-in. They are available for counseling and assisting with the ministry needs of the church body under the direction of the Senior Pastor.

Mission Department

The Mission Department encompasses the Men of Mission and The Women’s Missionary Union (WMU). The function of the Mission is to meet the needs of the community as we fulfill the Great Commission. Their primary function is providing food, clothing and other basic needs to members of the church body as well as people of the community. Each year the Mission prepares food giveaway boxes for those in need at Thanksgiving and Christmas (generally 150 – 175 boxes for each holiday). In addition, they prepare food boxes on a need basis, have the bi-monthly food giveaway on the first and third Mondays at 12 noon and the  and the bi-monthly clothes giveaway on the second and fourth Saturday at 9 A.M.

Mother’s Board

The Mother’s Board is a group of the senior women of the church designed to provide ministry support for mentoring and encouraging the young women of the church body. Their wisdom and guidance can provide much needed support to the life of the church.

Music Ministry

(Male Chorus – Sounds of Praise – Mass Voices of New Testament – Women’s Choir – Precious Jewels)

The Music Ministry is a vital part of the church worship. The Music Ministry is compromised of five choirs to meet the varying needs of the church:

  • the Male Chorus is in all-male ensemble.
  • Precious Jewels provides opportunities for children ages 3 to 11.
  • the Voices of New Testament carry on through the ages of 12 to 25.
  • Sounds of Praise is the adult choir of 18 and over.
  • the Women’s Choir is an all women’s ensemble.

Each choir renders music on various Sundays with the Sounds of Praise and Voices of New Testament serving as the primary choirs for the whole ministry.

New Members Orientation and Follow-Up Team

The New Members Orientation Team provides support for new members joining the New Testament family. This team ensures all members are oriented but also provide peer counseling on the critical decision made by the member to become part of the body of Christ. The New members Orientation Team also continues with a new member for approximately 18-weeks through follow-up to ensure members have completed all the foundation training.

The Follow-Up Team is a relatively new ministry striving to close the backdoor on new and existing members. This team receives contacts on new and existing members who have not been present or completed specified training. This team also assists the Membership Team and Church Clerks in conducting final follow-up with members who have been inactive for long periods of time. The Follow-Up Team will work to contact members showing inactive for longer than 6-months to determine their status or their desired status. Further opportunities for ministry exist through follow-up contact.

Nurses Guild

The Nurses Guild serves to support the church by providing a ministry focused on the physical health and well-being of the members. They support the Usher staff on Sundays and are available should a medical need arise. The Nurses Guild also provides workshops, training and screenings on subjects important to the membership of the church and the community. These include prostrate screenings, CPR training and certification and blood pressure clinics to name a few.

Office Administration

The Office Administration Team was established to meet the clerical and organizational needs of the church body. Team team provides clerical support to the Pastor and direct contact and assistance to the corporate body.

Outreach Ministry

The Outreach Ministry is a strategic group designed to take the message of Jesus Christ into our local community. they canvas the neighborhoods around our church providing information on the services provided by the church of offers, notices of special events and praying with families and leading them to Christ. This team currently meets once a month and the goal is to get members of every auxiliary out with the outreach team each month.

Pastoral Relations

The Pastoral Relations Committee serves as a liaison between the Pastor and the membership. they meet with the Pastor on an every other month basis to provide feedback on “how things are going”. One of their key functions is to render the Pastor’s annual performance review under the support and aid of the Human Resources Committee.

Prison Ministry

The Prison Ministry is a vital life-aiding ministry for incarcerated people and their families. By visiting, worshiping with and praying for inmates, this ministry develops relationships that could potentially lead to saving faith in Jesus Christ. They also are able to provide caring support and assistance with rehabilitation once an inmate is released if called upon. This is a growing ministry in the body that receives support and acknowledgement from other programs throughout Sacramento.

Additionally, each December the Prison Ministry embarks on a special program known as Angel Tree. This program collects Christmas presents from sponsors or “angels”, for the children of incarcerated parents. These gifts are presented to the children at an annual program in which a worship service is conducted an Christ is offered also as a free gift.

Reporters/Information Officers

The Reporters/Information Officers assist the Pastor by periodically making announcements to the congregation about the on-goings of the church. They provide support and are responsible for managing the church information desk before and after services. Upcoming events are coordinated by Church Office through the Reporter/Information Officers to provide direction to members and visitors about events in the church such as who’s in charge, who to contact and where to purchase entrance/tickets to name a few.

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee seeks after grants and scholarship information for graduating high school students in preparation for college. This includes the collection and distribution of scholarship information through our various youth programs.

Sunday School Department

The Sunday School Department works in concert with the Christian Education and Church Training teams. Sunday School is designed to provide age appropriate group studies on Bible topics and is lead by qualified teachers in the ministry. This department’s curriculum is expanding at new Testament to include other core training courses vital to successful education efforts here at the church.

Total Program Committee

The Total Program Committee is responsible for administration and general oversight of all church programs conducted. They provide support to auxiliary leaders and program chairpersons as needed. In addition, TPC is responsible for the planning and programming of the primary Church events such as revivals, installations of officers, Church anniversaries and the Church picnic.

Trustee Board

The Trustee Board is responsible for the management of Church property. This team ensures the church property is maintained including lawn services, HVAC repairs, building repairs and overall property management. The Trustees are also responsible for the counting and deposit of monies through donations and contributions received each Sunday morning. Specific controls have been established to ensure monies are managed appropriately and to avoid issues of misuse or theft.

Usher Board

(Senior, Young Adult, Junior/Youth)

The Usher Board is comprised of three separate teams, the Seniors, Young Adults and Junior/Youth. Each group administers the ushering program on designated Sundays in an effort to meet the comfort and safety needs of the congregation each Sunday and at special events. Their primary function is to serve the needs of members and visitors during worship, while maintaining order in service.


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